Translations from Japanese to English & French to English

I am a Scottish translator from Japanese and French (France) to English (UK and US) and have been providing translation, localisation, and proofreading services full-time since January 2018. I hold an MA in Japanese Studies (2:1 with special Distinction for spoken Japanese, and including a year abroad in Tokyo) and an MSc with Distinction in Literary Translation as Creative Practice, both from the University of Edinburgh. I have studied to level C2 with l’Institut Français d’Ecosse and spent a year living in Toulouse. I am a Career Affiliate of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting.

I have been fascinated by Japanese and French language and culture since my teens, and continue to maintain and develop my skills and knowledge through TV, podcasts, webinars, and reading fiction and non-fiction in and about both source and target languages.

I have been passionate about creative writing since my childhood as a bookworm and Scottish Young Writer of the Year, and enjoy poring over grammatical and semantic details to ensure that my translation is as concise and elegant as possible. I savour the creative challenge of finding ways to recreate the atmosphere of a source text (such as a marketing text presenting a particular brand or product image) and of crafting texts that flow well while following the conventions of equivalent publications in the target language (such as academic papers). I pride myself on my research skills, which allow me to continually push the boundaries of my translation comfort zone a little further.

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