Japanese and French Literature in English

Lovers of literature are fascinated by writing’s power to touch, deepen, and reshape lives, to let us explore both beyond and within ourselves. I want to be a part of that transformative story as a translator, creating a link in the chain from a Japanese or French text, through my understanding as a reader and creativity as a writer, to an English text that can now be discovered by Anglophone readers. When I encounter new perspectives on life or different cultural mores and practices; explore imaginary vistas; ponder twists and turns of character development and unfolding plot; laugh over wordplay; and find styles, rhythms, and sentence structures that strike a powerful chord with me, I want to share that fascination and beauty with others. Literary translation is a challenging and rewarding way to transmit the power and potential of literature to a new audience.

Below is a list of my literary translations to date, including a short story published as part of a mentorship programme run by Kurodahan Press and the University of Cardiff.

Short story in Vampiric: Tales of Blood and Roses from Japan『楽園回帰』, translated as “Paradise Missing”飯野文彦
Submission to the 2018 Kurodahan Press Translation Prize 『パラソル』 井上雅彦
12-page manga sample for Japanese e-publication company EAST 『ハルコさんの彼氏』 倉塚りこ
Dissertation (MSc) 『鮫人』(extract) 谷崎潤一郎
Translation and Creativity (MSc) 『二百年』(extract) 大庭みな子
Portfolio of Literary Translation Exercises 1 [J→E] (MSc) 『非色』(extract) 有吉佐和子
  『細雪』(extract) 谷崎潤一郎
  『火に行く彼女』 川端康成
Portfolio of Literary Translation Exercises 2 [E→J] (MSc) Amid Shortages, a Surplus of Hope (English translation of the original, Japanese article by Ralph F. McCarthy) Murakami Ryū
  Weetzie Bat (extract) Francesca Lia Block
  Catch-22 (extract) Joseph Heller
  Young Dracula screenplay (extract) Danny Robins, Dan Tetsell