Creativity in Technical Translation

My marketing translation services recreate the impact of the source text, tailored to the context of the target culture, and provide advertising copy which is smooth and elegant or light and punchy as the source text and product or service demand. I particularly delight in translating my love of food into culinary marketing materials that give mouth-watering descriptions of traditional Japanese and French cuisine, and have also translated advertisements and PR for beauty products, ceramics, entertainment, home goods, luxury accommodation, and more.

I have been proofreading and copy-editing British English academic texts since 2008, primarily in the fields of agronomy, ecology, and food security, as well as in translation studies, economics, and philosophy of science. My familiarity with academic and scientific writing conventions allows me to create translations which flow smoothly and logically in the appropriate register. I have translated academic papers from Japanese to English in the domains of sociology, education, and media communications, and, from French to English, “Ecosystem services delivered by soils, from an agronomic perspective: the case of conservation agriculture”, in Ecosystem Services and Soil Protection: Legal Analyses and Agronomic Insights, available here.

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